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Become a Member of the TRIBE!

Once you've found your place in the TRIBE and you know you're going to find your way to us regularly, become a member! By far the best value, TRIBE GODDESS Membership gives you UNLIMITED access to any adult class by Kelly (at least 4 classes per week.) You'll also have first access to any workshops and events sponsored by TRIBE and limited edition merchandise. In classes alone this is a $160/month value.


Sign up for only $65/month!

Be sure to choose "Goddess Membership"




If your availability is limited but you don't want to worry about paying when you drop in, you can buy a TRIBE PASS for $40 and we'll throw in a FREE class! You can use it on any FIVE classes taught by Kelly at any time. You will receive a punch card so that we don't lose track! Then you can simply repurchase when you've used your 5 classes.

           5 classes for $40!

Be sure to choose "TRIBE Pass"

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